dirty texting (Maryland, MD)
I want you married dates text me all the dirty thoughts you have during the day. The dirtier they are the better. Don't worry about taboo subjects either. I don't want to act them out with you, I just want to hear them. I'd even love to wake up and see your texts on my phone from your thoughts during the night. I don't care about your relationship status. If you're between the ages of 40 and 55 that would be best since that's what I like. Email me with your first name in the subject line along with what you thought of today.

and when I get that feeling, I want . . . (Maryland, MD)
I've posted this up on some other sites as well, but I always prefer CL for things like this, because it's so damn succinct! Seven years ago, I had a stroke while also having an orgasm. Needless to say, it was pretty confusing. I've completely healed from the married dates but now I've got a backlog of orgasms that must be had. My sexual exploration pretty much stopped, as would yours, if your damn brain exploded while you were gettin' it on. Now I'm looking to get it back. I'm not in the market for a serious or exclusive relationship, but this is still a notch above NSA. Given my medical history, sexy times may bring up some emotions - I would not heap them onto you, but you'd need to know of their potential and be okay with that. Believe me, if I could go straight NSA I would - especially since I know it would increase my number of responses, but it's more honest to say that I need some casual lovers that I am also able to -trust-. That said, I'm responsible, clean, and fun. (I'm also GGG, for you Dan Savage readers out there). I'm a 27 yo white girl, 5'4' 110 lbs, brown hair, been told I have a 'librarian vibe' goin on. Your pic gets mine, and all of mine are SFW so please keep yours the same. Thanks for reading!

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Please? (Maryland, MD)
I want it hard. Treat me like a slut. Totally real. It's hot as fuck every day hot web amateurs I'm tired of the water restrictions. The entire state of TX is a natural disaster but we can make it right. ;)

perfect on paper (Maryland, MD)
I am a bbw and I am looking for another bbw that would love to find another woman that we can go out and have sexual adventures together. I would love to find someone who I can suck some cock with. Someone who while you get pounded and I can lick your pussy, and suck some cock and balls. I want us to get sprayed and swap load back in forth between each other and then lick each others pussys all night. Is there any women out there adult sex search would love to have these sort of adventures or any men that know of any women like this.

Drink ur load (Maryland, MD)
dun even diss on this woman. joking i like being dominated. married dates

A woman who wants to have an affair will 9 times out of 10 join dating website for married individuals simply because there are some very professional ones out there that are very discreet and can ensure her privacy and anonimity.

Full Body Massage sought by sore female feet (Maryland, MD)
I am looking fora great 2 hour+ full body massage with a lot of emphasis on my feet. This is for a non erotic massage. Can't post everything as CL doesn't like married dating postings. If you are available now, email me and I will send you more info. Yes it is real, it is for now, I am Caucasian, friendly and hosting!

fun tonight in Lewiston willing pussy MD)
I am open to new things! Tired of sitting in the house with predictable things about. Want someone who isn't affraid of going out of their comfort zone. Race isn't an issue its all about chemistry.

my lumps my lumps my luvly lady lumps (Maryland, MD)
me: 52, 130lbs, cute, dark hair, glasses, hipster-type, very smart and fairly confident that i am cool to be around. i am not particularly interested in dating married dates seriously at the moment and know from experience that having an awesome boy on reserve is a nice middle ground.

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